masazeslikageneralnaManual massage is a method of physical therapy that uses a set of system motions on the body surface and the manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles. The massage effect is multiple, it works not only on the body, skin and muscles, but it penetrates into the depths of your being.

Some effect of massage:

  • mechanical cleaning of the skin,
  • enhancing circulation-hyperemia,
  • the removal of harmful substances from the cells and intercellular tissue,
  • promotes venous and lymphatic circulation,
  • reduces pain,
  • relaxes muscles,
  • stretches and releases certain structures,
  • helps digestion, prevents constipation,
  • causes a feeling of comfort, joy and relaxation and eliminates symptoms of depression,
  • reduces mental tension that helps with headaches and insomnia,
  • creates feelings of satisfaction that strengthen the immune system,
  • relieves stress and anxiety.


 Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the name for a group of massage techniques whose aim is to relax the muscles. Massage is performed by rubbing the superficial and deep muscle groups in the direction of blood returning to the heart.

Swedish massage uses four basic massage techniques:

  • effleurage-long calming moments,
  • petrissage-massaging the part of body fingers or thumbs,
  • friction-compression or rapid rubbing,
  • tapotement-tapping, hacking, beating

These techniques can be performed in mild, medium or high intensity.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is done on certain muscle groups that are important for a particular athletic activity.

It is performed before and after sports activity, as well as during the time of the break for the sake of maintaining optimal athletic performance. Sports massage reduces the possibility of injuries and reduces recovery time after injury.



Shiatsu (shi-finger and atsu-pressure) is a Japanese massage that is based on the meridian theory (energy canals under the skin), through which, according to their belief, flows the life energy “chi”.

Massage stimulates the points that in the flow of energy should be free from blockages and obstacles. According to the traditional oriental teaching each problem, physiological or psychological in nature, is caused by a disorder of energy balance. Shiatsu therapists use fingers and thumbs in order to apply pressure with a great precision on certain points, or they use elbows and feet to create pressure on larger areas of the body.

It is important that the massage is carried out by a certified shiatsu practitioner because improvisation can cause blockage of the lymph nodes and induce serious problems.



The reflexology massage of feet and hands tries to stimulate the reflex points on the feet and hands in order to maintain good health. It is based on the theory that every part of the body exactly corresponds to a certain zone of feet, so while putting pressure on these reflex points one can relax and balance the whole body and thereby remove the entire set of difficulties.


Aromatherapy massage

This type of massage uses herbal essential oils for renewal, rejuvenation of skin, relaxation of body and mind and refreshment.

In aromatherapy massages we use asset of essential oils derived from flowers, fruits and roots of various plants. It is particularly effective in the fight against stress, inner turmoil and bad mood.


Duration of massage

The average duration of full body massage is 45 – 60 minutes and duration of partial massage is 20-30 minutes, what involves the massage of a specific body part, e.g. only the arms, legs, back or feet. It is always necessary to devote some time to relaxation before and after the massage.