About us

MHS, Private Practice for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, was established in year 1993 and takes care of the health of a large number of patients.

The mission of our practice consists of preventing diseases, pharmacological and physical treatment, as well as educating our patients on application of exercises, diet and daily life activities. The MHS practice provides services in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine, rheumatology, neurology and consultative examinations in the field of neurosurgery.


Orthopedic Insoles


For the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is a complete whole regarding the professional diagnostic of feet problems done by the top experts, computer dynamic diagnostic of feet deformities and walking disorders, reaching to the robotic creation of orthopedic insoles made from variety of top quality materials for the production of insoles.


Transferring pressure toward the midfoot in patients with pes cavus by increasing orthotic arch height decreases forefoot pressure peaks, as illustrated by 3-D maps of plantar pressures without (left) and with (right) orthoses.


Impressions of Our Patients